Market Simulation




The previous application was difficult to maintain and enhance, adding new features brought the application into a spiral of bugs. New version and features was required.




  • Rewrote the software using MVC and compartmentalize into different DLLs so binaries were reusable
  • Brought it up to standard with a look and feel similar to the Office 2010 UI
  • All previous functionality quickly ported over, and during this process, the usage workflow was simplified and refined
  • Performance and flexibility increased consequence of the new internal architecture
  • Created data layer that allowed the user to select server or file mode
  • Added the ability to use JavaScript to automate the application, and included an embedded IDE with watch windows and break points to write and debug applications


Technologies used:


SQL Server, SQL CE, C# 4.0, Visual Studio 2010, DevExpress controls suite, External DLL integration, Cruise Control for continuous integration, Vault for source code management. JINT as embedded JavaScript interpreter