OuterCube is a column oriented, in memory database entirely written in C#.

OuterCube is designed as load once/slice and dice many times database, and is ideal for data analysis, data mining, modeling with a low level access to the data, or simply as a quick aggregation routine.

OuterCube can be easily used from a .Net language, and since is a simple small DLL (less than 150kb) it can be embedded and distributed with the end user application.

OuterCube is extremely fast because its use of Column Bitmapped indexes. In this configuration the index is the data itself, and it uses efficient compression algorithms to be able to manipulate large datasets in memory.

OuterCube is data source extensible. It allows to import out of the box from a fixed width text file, and through an extension add on from SPSS. This add on also shows how to create other data sources for OuterCube, if a data reader (IDataReader interface) can be written, then the data can be imported.

OuterCube is a file oriented, one single small file contains all the data, This makes easy to share over email or other mediums.